Founded in 2002, Cellixsoft Corporation is a high-tech service company basing on IP core, EDA software and IC analysis and design platform. Cellixsoft provides global customers with IP and EDA authorization, technology analysis, IP protection and ASIC/SoC turnkey services.

In 2003, Cellixsoft established the leading-edged professional IC technology analysis and patent analysis laboratory in China. At present, the minimum process node of IC that can be analyzed is 7nm FinFET, which is an international leading level. The total number of chips completed by the laboratories is more than 40,000.

Cellixsoft has adhered to the independent research and development of EDA software.Up to now, 5 sets of EDA systems and more than 30 softwares have been developed, covering the entire flow of IC technology analysis and patent analysis. A total of over 30,000 authorized certifications have been issued. The EDA software user includes thousands of fabless, research institutes, universities and intellectual property service institutions at home and abroad.

Cellixsoft has provided IP protection services to more than half of the world's TOP20 leading semiconductor manufacturers, and its technical capabilities and expertise have been widely recognized by customers, courts, judicial expertise institution and law firms.

Cellixsoft's ASIC/SoC design service has successfully realized the turnkey service of hundreds of chips in different fields such as industrial control, automotive electronics, security monitoring, network equipment, IoT and smart hardware.

Headquartered in Beijing, China, Cellixsoft has business divisions in Tianjin and Baoding.

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